My year in review — 2018

In 2018 I was busy taking part in an adventure, in 2019 I’ll be hustling to reach my goals.

Hi everyone! 👩‍💻
I hope you had a fantastic time this holiday season 🎉! The new year is already here and as I am also closing another chapter of my career, I thought it was time to write another Year in review.

While last year’s post was focused on my achievements, this time I’d like to look at the future and take some time to explain some of my recent career choices (spoiler alert, I just left the project I was involved in for the past year!).


Last January I was just starting a new adventure, joining the blockchain-based project Streamr post-ICO after having worked with Golem for a few months. Initially, I was supposed to be on board for 6 months to help the Head of Communications set the coms/marketing foundations and build the team but eventually stayed for the entire year.

And this was definitely a memorable experience!
Not only did I reach my objectives but along the way I:

I had a fantastic time with the team and loved working with them all, however, toward the end of the year I also felt that my mission was accomplished and it was time for me to focus again on what I really wanted to do.

2018 in a few figures

💪 1 product launch
🤝 4 hirings
✈️ 7 countries visited
🥂 Too many networking events to count
🙋 ‍2 award nominations
📚 2 online courses completed


In my year in review blog post last year, I mentioned being interested in getting into VC. Since then I’ve met with many VCs, read books and blogs, listened to podcasts and even completed 2 online courses on early-stage investment.

Shifting career is a difficult exercise and as I explained in my previous post, I knew it would be a long-term process. When I started learning about the VC landscape back in summer 2017, it was a good time to meet with people and share thoughts but it wasn’t the best moment for recruitment. Once I've made my mind and realised it was the direction I wanted to follow, September was already here and everyone I’ve met was busy between a crazy lineup of events and closing the year.

I now have an additional baggage and believe I managed to get away from the VR/AR label I was stuck with. Not only have I been deeply involved in the blockchain space, but I have also been quite exposed to the latest ML/AI developments and grew massively my network.

So here I am back to job hunting and ready to hustle to get into VC and use my 8 years of experience working with early-stage startups in emerging technologies to do more to support entrepreneurs.

It’s just been a few days since I am a full-time job hunter and even if I have quite a long todo list for the coming weeks, I already feel I want to do more including mentoring, public speaking, panel moderating, and help initiatives I support.

Here is an overview of what I want to achieve this year.



Want to catch up and fill me out on what you are working on? Drop me a line on Twitter or via email and I'll be more than happy to chat over the phone, grab a virtual or irl coffee anytime!

Ok so I have some ambitions for the coming year but how did I do in the past year compared to my previous goals? 🤔

Well, last year my plans were fairly succinct but I still managed to miss a few points while I exceeded my expectations for others.

✅ Career
- Join a new project in blockchain
- While keeping in mind my long-term objectives.

✅ Learning
- Develop my technical skills — for sure I learned a lot this year about blockchain and ML technologies. On my free time, I was involved in hackathons and have been following some programming courses even if I haven't built any project on my own this year.
- Learn to play a musical instrument — and still learning step by step.

✅ Events
- Be involved in a few hackathons — checked! As a mentor, supporter and judge.
- Be part of more events in the UK but also in Europe.

😕 Give back
- Help project and become a more active mentor. This is definitely the point I missed this year. Between the day to day work and regular travels, I haven't helped as many projects as I wanted and certainly not on a regular basis. I indeed did quite a few intros and followed up with founders but would like this year to be more proactive and take part in mentorship programmes.

What are your plans for 2019?

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