Year in review 2021


Bootstrapping is hard!

Content creator mode activated: growing a community, 12 new AMAs guests & new formats on my channels

  • 1x live AMA with a guest
  • 1x Createch stream to build a project, follow tutorials, react to a tech video…
  • 1x video game discovery
  • There’s now 52 of us on Discord (join us HERE),
  • We’ve just reached the 300 subs mark on Youtube (go subscribe now!),
  • I received my first payout from Twitch thanks to ads, Amazon Prime subs and viewers sending bits and subs through the year!
  • 🤗 Huge thanks to Yinch, Zapa, Roy and Andrea for being monthly members
  • Kudos to everyone who bought me a ☕️ or two
  • And those who booked a 1–1 session with me to talk about their own project and peak my brain 💪. You can book yours HERE!


Everything else

Let’s have a look at how we’re doing on last year’s goals!

For 2022 let’s keep it simple with a few goals:

  • Close deal(s) with WildMeta & get more visibility on the future (we can’t keep bootstrapping forever)
  • Keep evangelising with talks/events/panels and community involvement
  • Do more to promote our monthly AMAs, reach a wider audience and help more founders
  • Do regular videos? (that’s more of a promise that I’ll try than a goal!)
  • Explore more creative projects and learn new skills with the Createch streams
  • Continue doing some paid and free mentoring
  • Be active 2–3 hours a week minimum (walking, exercising,…)
  • Practice the guitar regularly and keep learning the foundations
  • Afford to take a weekend break to relax (a wish rather than a goal)



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Amandine FLACHS

Amandine FLACHS

Supporting startups for the past 10 years | CEO & co-founder of WildMeta| VC scout at Backed VC | Producer & host of EPG.