Thanks Preston for your comment.
To answer your questions, I have a marketing/business background. I’ve been working with engineers and developers for years, including 3+ in VR. Also as mentioned I’ve been organising monthly hackathons on VR and AR so I heard some feedbacks and tips but before this experience I never used Unity. I am also not familiar with a-frame and can only understand the basic html — just enough to make some simple modifications but will be really happy to follow your tips and have a deeper look!

All the graphic part wasn’t that hard, once you understand how Unity works it is like most software, you need to play around and try to do your own project until you get the logic behind. That’s how I learned premiere pro (video) or photoshop and illustrator. For the more tech side, I relied a lot on my partner and wouldn’t have been able to finish my project on time without his help as I didn’t know C#. Once the scripts I needed worked, I was able to simply adapt them to my project without coding.


Supporting startups for the past 10 years | CEO & co-founder of WildMeta| VC scout at Backed VC | Producer & host of EPG.

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