My (late) year in review — 2019


Many of know may know that I joined a new company last week as Equity Funding Manager at Swoop. This has only been a week and I am super excited by this opportunity to continue being involved in the ecosystem and help startups getting access to funding!

  • I kept track of every feedback, meeting and progress and re-evaluated my strategy every 2/3 months.
  • Being used to work remotely, I already had a routine at home that included waking up early, exercising daily and cooking healthy food for lunch.
  • My partner has been extremely supportive which made a big difference, I don't think I would have been able to keep going for so long without him.
  • Really quicky, I made too much progress to forget about it and turn my back on my goals, which was regularly reminded to me by friends.
  • Having side projects and being involved in the startup community helped me focus on non-job-hunting related responsibilities and continue to work with others.



Here were my objectives for 2019

Now for 2020

I don't want to set too many new goals but keep the good habits I've set and fill the few gaps from last year.

  • Be successful in my new role, which means help startups get access to funding!
  • Do more public speaking and mentoring
  • Continue attending startup and tech events
  • Keep developing my network of VCs, founders and innovators
  • Highlight the work of other content creators, community builders and good folks doing amazing things!
  • Grow Entrepreneurs Playing Games
  • Walk to work every day (and listen to podcasts on the way!)
  • Get back to running this Spring
  • Keep geeking out and learn new tech skills (I especially want to build my own news aggregator app to keep up to date with the industry of my young stealth startup)
  • Organise at least 3 weekends outside of London
  • Find the time every week to practice and improve my guitar skills



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Amandine FLACHS

Amandine FLACHS

Supporting startups for the past 10 years | CEO & co-founder of WildMeta| VC scout at Backed VC | Producer & host of EPG.