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  • Alex Borghi

    Alex Borghi

    CTO at WildMeta | Machine learning research scientist | Ex Graphcore, Imagination Technologies & Feral interactive



    We’re the human-centric European VC fund. Put People First • Be An Apprentice • Push the Limits • Bring Good Energy. Since 2015.

  • Taylor Hurst

    Taylor Hurst

  • Gayatri Sarkar

    Gayatri Sarkar

    Founder & GP @ Advaita Capital, founder of She-VC 🎙

  • Carmen Alfonso-Rico

    Carmen Alfonso-Rico

    VC turned angel @hopin @heygo @sidequestVR @composeIM @SigmaOS @searchdala. Tech can make the future + human. Function in disaster, finish in style #letsdothis

  • Christian A. Schröder

    Christian A. Schröder

    Founder & CEO of 10x Value Partners. One of the world’s most successful angel investors. Follow me to learn my secrets.

  • Mark


    Gaming, podcasting, creator economy and social media - founder of The Emergence | theemergence.co.uk

  • Bethany Crystal

    Bethany Crystal

    A little bit web2, a little bit web3… Today’s projects: @Bolster & @Zeitgeist_xyz , board @CompSci_High ; ex @USV , @StackOverflow , alum of @Northwes

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