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  • Milap Bhojak

    Milap Bhojak

    Data, Design & Open source

  • Pace Ventures

    Pace Ventures

    We help organisations become more innovative. Love #startups, work predominantly with large corporates.

  • Alberto Linares

    Alberto Linares

    Reinventing professional 360 workflow. Show must go on!

  • Trevor F. Smith

    Trevor F. Smith

    Memex #001 builder, leader of the 2020 Olympics Flaneur Team, builds VR at Momento360

  • Emmanuel Aremu

    Emmanuel Aremu

    Digital Marketer

  • Christopher R.Barake

    Christopher R.Barake

    Artist, Curator - Metamodernism | FIU College of Architecture + The Arts | CrossFit - In love with the Sea #art5853fiu #art5853spring16

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